Physical Education

One of the main focuses of physical education class is to make students aware of and to improve their cardio respiratory endurance; which is the ability of your heart and lungs to take in and use oxygen over a long period of time.

All students grades 1st-5th are timed in distance runs throughout the school year. Students in grades 3-5 run the one mile run four times a year. Grades 1-2 run an approximate 1/2 mile distance and grade 2 transitions to the one mile run in the spring months. Students are challenged to give their best effort, and try to adjust their personal pace in an attempt to run the distance without walking.

In addition to the four timed outside runs, students are challenged to two inside "pacer" runs. Students are required to discipline themselves to run at a pace that is appropriate for them. Pacing themselves from the beginning, allows them to achieve a higher score.

Besides the focus and awareness on cardio fitness, students also work on other fitness components such as: curl ups, push ups/chin ups and flexibility stretches. Health related information is also shared throughout the course of the year to make students more aware of the importance of daily exercise and nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Skill lessons such as throwing/catching, dribbling, strking, volleying games and other activities are designed to improve student self confidence. The games and activities allow students to gain valuable experience about fair play, good sportsmanship and teamwork. With practice and encouragemen, I'm confident your children will continue to improve their physical fitness.