About YSES

YSES Fall 2009 Photo Collage 

Yellow Springs Elementary School, for students in kindergarten-grade 5, is four miles west of the City of Frederick.

Scott Daly, a fifth grader at our school in 1995, researched and wrote about the origin for the school's name and locality:

The area around Yellow Springs has many springs of excellent water. In fact, the springs were used as a local resort for many years. Yellow Springs was named after a nearby spring that has thick and slimy yellow deposits (a type of iron deposit). The spring was revered by Indians who inhabited the region. They called it Montonqua or 'Medicine Waters' and regarded the spring as the fountain of the 'Great Spirit.' They covered their bodies with the yellow pigment from the spring to bring good luck or good health, as they danced around and worshiped the spring. This gave the Yellow Springs area its name.

YSES has a tradition of excellence, and we are proud of our accomplishments. Our student's success is a result of collaborative partnerships between our motivated students, quality staff, wonderful parents and extraordinary Parent Teacher Association (PTA), combined with excellent community support.

The Maryland Department of Education has recognized our volunteer program as outstanding every year since 1986. As a result of combined efforts of school, home and community, the US Department of Education named Yellow Springs a 'school of excellence' in its Blue Ribbon Schools Program in 1993-94. Thus, we believe that our school's motto very aptly describes Yellow Springs: 'Working together to turn youthful energy into quality learning for all children.'