What's Happening in Art!

We are so Busy!

5th Grade
is working hard to finish their comics in the style of the Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.  They focused on sketching large images and adding patterns to their art work while coloring with markers. Fifth grade will be starting clay food projects in the Pop Artist style of Claes Oldenburg.

4th Grade is studying proportions and after learning about the artist Frida Kahlo, they are creating their own pencil drawing self-portraits.

3rd Grade students are completing German Fractur drawings with pencils and coloring using markers. They are learning about symmetry and the old style of German lettering.

2nd Grade is finishing up their portrait study in pencil and will begin their Cubism portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso by using paints.

1st grade is still studying their unit on COLOR and are about to paint the backgrounds in their cool color monster pictures.

Kindergarten students are continuing with TEXTURE.  They just completed their first clay tile project and will be glazing those when they are finished firing in the kiln.