About New Midway/Woodsboro Elementary School

New Midway/Woodsboro Elementary School


NEW MIDWAY/WOODSBORO ELEMENTARY is committed to serving our community. Our students, staff and parents value education and work together in a respectful way to help students learn to be their best! We are an unusual school in Frederick County because we welcome one student population into two buildings:

* Our Woodsboro school houses pre-kindergarten through second grade, allowing a “primary-level” focus for student achievement. Located in the heart of Woodsboro, we host a family fun festival each year for the community to enjoy.

* Our New Midway school houses grades third through fifth, for an “intermediate-level” focus. This charming little school was built in 1930 to replace a one-room schoolhouse and has come a long way since then. Renovations have brought a library, computer lab and new office area to our building.

The New Midway/Woodsboro school community is proud to be a part of the “Walkersville Way,” as our students feed into Walkersville Middle and High schools. The Walkersville feeder pattern has achieved national recognition for its work in the “KEYS” initiative for excellence in schools. Our school community has a shared understanding and commitment to high goals.

We are proud of New Midway/Woodsboro Elementary, where our focus is “learning to be our best!”