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WMS creates new STEM Lab


In the Spring of 2011, the Maryland State Department of Education presented an opportunity to create the "Ideal 21st Century Classroom" as a sub-grant of the Maryland STEM Portfolio Project (MSPP).  Walkersville Middle School Technology Education teacher Mr. Eric Haines is a member of the Frederick County Public Schools five member team that works on the MSPP.  Mr. Haines applied for the grant to create his vision of a STEM Lab to support problem-based learning and 21st century learning skills.  Walkersville Middle School was recently named as the recipient of the "Ideal 21st Century Classroom Grant." 
This grant created a state of the art STEM Lab with Revolution Desks conducive for creating designs via computer, but easily converting to desktop space for “creation” and working with materials.  36 new computers will have greater capacity to allow students to access the research, materials, and programs necessary for STEM teaching and learning.  Additional technology to maximize presentation and instructional delivery includes ceiling mounted projectors, acoustic speakers, scanner, digital cameras, headsets and printers.
Not only will Mr. Haines’ students benefit from this lab, but all teachers will have access when he is not teaching.  Additionally, it is being used for professional development at the school and county level.  Finally, this allowed Walkersville Middle School to relocate the existing computer lab to the 6th grade wing, 421, creating 4 computer labs at WMS.  This will support the school's professional development efforts in the areas of technology integration and STEM.
On June 8, 2011 the FCPS Board of Education unanimously approved the addition of the grant to create the STEM Lab at WMS!  The video clip below shows the Board of Education meeting presentation, discussion, and vote.


Work to create the new STEM Lab began in summer 2011 and was completed the fall of 2011.  An outline of the plans for the STEM Lab is posted below.

***Fall 2011 Update***
The STEM Lab construction is completed.  The video below shows the before, during, and after photos of the STEM Lab at WMS.

The FCPS TV Crew came to visit the STEM Lab on November 2, 2011.  Check out the video that aired on FCPS TV (channel 18) below.


Sea Perch in action at WMS!

Attention Students!
If this looks like something you would like to build, make sure you sign up for Technology Education classes!




Sea Perch is coming to WMS!

Walkersville Middle School will host Technology Education teachers from all over Frederick County on March 31, 2011 for training on the Sea Perch underwater robotics program.  Walkersville Middle School has been selected as one of three pilot schools to test the program in the 8th grade elective Problem Solving. 


Why SeaPerch?


The U.S. Needs Trained Engineers

The U.S. has fallen from 3rd to 17th in the world in the number of college graduates in engineering programs. In the U.S., only 5% of science degrees are awarded in engineering, as compared with 50% in China.

It is estimated that 400,000 engineers will be needed by 2010. If it is not addressed, the expected shortage of skilled workers could decrease the nation's global competitiveness and result in a lack of expertise in mission-critical areas.


SeaPerch Introduces Students to Engineering & Science

The U.S. Government is attempting to address the problem through programs such as the National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering outreach effort, which supports the SeaPerch program. The goal of this effort is to find the next generation of naval architects, marine engineers, naval engineers, and ocean engineers. SeaPerch addresses the recruitment vulnerability in these priority fields.

  By introducing middle and high school students to science through hands-on activities, SeaPerch aims to build and sustain a long-term effort to address the problem of decreasing college enrollments in engineering and other technical programs.

Click HERE for more information from the National Sea Perch Challenge. 

Click HERE for more information on the Sea Perch program at MIT. 






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