Science Department

It's Science Fair Time!!
Science Fair is back is full swing at WMS! All students in all three grades will be required to do a science fair project this year. In order to help your child plan for this project, common due dates have been established at set points throughout the process. 
Science Fair was introduced to all first semester science students on the first day of school If your child has science this semester you should have already seen and signed the packet that was sent home that includes the requirements and due dates for the project.

First Semester due dates for the project are:
Friday, Sept. 2 - Parent signature on science fair packet
Tuesday, Sept 6- Topic due
Tuesday, Sept 13 - Purpose, hypothesis, variables, materials list, procedure and BLANK data table and graph
Tuesday, Sept. 27 - Completed data table, graph and written analysis
Monday, Oct 3 -Completed project on display board.
Display boards are available from your child's science teacher for $3.50 or can be purchased from office supply stores or stores such as Wal-mart. Please contact your child's science teacher if you have any questions.