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Social Studies
Mr. Bodnar
          In this class students will work independently and in groups in order to explore American History. For Historical information the students will use a classroom textbook American History Beginnings to 1914, some outside readings, “History Alive”, media center materials, and video. Most work is done in class; however students who need more time and those students who miss school occasionally may have some work to do at home. Students are encouraged to use home computers for additional information as they see fit. Supplies that would be helpful in class are a pencil / pen, notebook, and colored pencils. 
1.      Geography/Colonization
2.      Road to Independence
3.      Confederation to Constitution
4.      The New Republic
5.      Age of Jackson
6.      Expansion
7.      Causes of the Civil War
8.      Civil War and Reconstruction
Any homework, class work, projects or tests will be posted on the WMS Website: Also, each student is given time each day to record any homework and/or what they did that day in class in their school agenda. Students are expected to have a notebook and folder for class. Grading for this class is very simple. Tests/quizzes = 50% and Classwork = 50%. The Frederick County Public School and Walkersville Middle School grading guide lines are followed. Behavioral expectations in class will follow the school-wide PBIS system.
I am glad your son or daughter is in my class! If you ever have a question, send it in with them or call 240-236-4425 or e-mail me at Phone calls and emails are answered ASAP the same day received unless I am out, or calls come in after 3:15 pm. In that case, I will get back to you the next day.

As always I am available to discuss your students success here at  Walkersville Middle School

Students are now exploring the 13 English Colonies.

HOMEWORK: Colonies Test Wednesday Nov 8. Use study guide to study.

If your son or daughter needs help, every 7 days each class will get an additional class period of extended learning time (ELT). I also tutor students twice every seven days. If you have a question or need anything please e-mail me.