Mission and Vision

Motto: Readers Are Leaders~ Believe it Achieve it!

Mission Statement
The mission of the library media program at Walkersville Middle School is to ensure that students and staff are creative and effective independent users of ideas, information and technology.  


Through the media program WMS students will:

  • Effectively use the automated catalog and shelf arrangement to access library books
  • Develop a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure
  • Appreciate literature and other creative forms of expression
  • Formulate compelling research questions
  • Apply effective search strategies
  • Use print and non-print resources to find information
  • Evaluate resources for accuracy
  • Organize and manage information
  • Cite bibliographic sources
  • Use information to synthesize new understanding
  • Make new products in various formats to communicate findings
  • Demonstrate the ethical use of information

To accomplish these goals, the media specialist will:

  • Maintain an attractive, welcoming facility
  • Be an enthusiastic advocate for reading
  • Select, evaluate, and maintain a quality collection of resources that is age appropriate, positively reviewed in two professional journals,  supports the curriculum ,and satisfies the reading needs of all students
  • Provide direct instruction to students in information literacy skills
  • Collaborate with teachers to develop authentic learning experiences
  • Administer the library media program
  • Foster a community of life-long learners composed of students, staff, and parents
  • Be an advocate for students' rights to freedom of inquiry and access to information