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Ellen Santullo


Special Education

Hello 6th grade students and parents!
I'm so happy to be one of your teachers this year.
I  want my students to continue to master skills that will help them in school and in the work place.
 I'm very excited about the changes your students will see in their classrooms this year.
Some tidbits for becoming a successful 6th grader:

  • Read for at least 20 minutes each night...(read something you enjoy (we have great library books at WMS!) : try reading different texts)
  • Practice your multiplication math facts...(this skill will come in handy in math class) and be sure to practice "real world" math outside of school!
  • Complete homework nightly...(teachers give it because it is important for your success)
  • Study for upcoming quizzes and tests...(give yourself a "few" nights to review before the quiz or test)
  • Stay organized.... (hand in papers to teachers when they are due, have proper materials for each class,check your agenda nightly)

You can do it!! I know you can!! I believe in you!!