Bully Prevention

Hello and welcome to the Olweus Anti-Bullying Blog!
Anti-Bullying Tips
Tip #1: Talk about it
If you see or hear bullying happening, step up to help or get help from an adult or other students. If you see or hear something and aren't sure if it is bullying or not, be on the safe side and tell an adult. 
If you go too far and bully other students, make an effort to take responsibility for your words and actions and stop your negative behaviors.
Discussion Questions to ask your student/child:
1. How do you know when a behavior goes too far and becomes bullying?
2. What types of bullying have you seen around the school lately?
3. No one is perfect. We all say and do things that are wrong. When that happens, what can we do to correct our behavior and make amends to the person we hurt?