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Students need to wear a white or gray tee shirt and blue or black gym shorts for PE class.  Also, socks and sneakers that tie up.

Homework for all Physical Education classes:  Bring in your PE clothes and 2 pencils to keep in your gym lockers.

When the weather gets cooler please bring in sweatsuits and jackets for outside activities.

A list of the PE activities can be found on the PE website.

Students will be completing their term 1 fitness tests from September 5 - 13.  They will then be rotating through badminton, street hockey and speed rugby from September 14 through October 13.

 Grading Rubric:
70%  Meets Objectives
--  Prepared to learn in affective, psychomotor and cognitive domains
--  Works and engages themselves in order to achieve objectives

30%  Exit Outcomes:
--  student performance is assessed by means of systemic exit outcomes as identified by the curriculum office. 
--  five exit outcomes are are completed each term