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Barbara Leishman



Students in PE class need to be prepared daily for participation.  Students need a lock of their own which can be bought for 3 dollars used or 5 dollars daily in the cafeteria.  We will assign a locker to each student. Students must change out of their school clothes into PE clothes.  The uniform is a gray or white t-shirt and blue or black bottoms and sneakers.  Students should be prepared to go outside up until Thanksgiving.  They need to have available a sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket and sweat pants if needed.  Their outter clothing just needs to be easy to put on over their gym clothes and comfortable to exercise in and does not have to be blue and gold.  Also, students should have a writing utensil in their gym lockers for mandatory written assignments.  During term 1 students will be participating in fitness testing, floor hockey, speed rugby and badminton.  At the end of the term students will participate in a choice of activity.