About Walkersville Middle School

Walkersvile Middle School

P.R.I.D.E. is the pervasive spirit at WALKERSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL: Positive, Responsible Individuals who are Disciplined for Excellence. Our students come from the small town of Walkersville, rural farms, suburban housing developments and the outskirts of the City of Frederick.

We tap staff and community resources to meet improvement goals, and make decisions with consideration for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. We invite parents to serve on every decision making committee. The Maryland Department of Education has recognized WMS volunteers for outstanding service contributions.

The WMS school environment promotes self confidence and acceptance, challenging students to develop to their highest level of learning. Connecting classroom learning to the real world occurs routinely, as our teachers visit local businesses and share their experiences in lessons that reflect careers in the community.

Walkersville Middle is a school where students want to learn and grow. They take responsibility for their learning in caring communities, divided into small teams within each grade level. Teachers on each team work with the same group of students, getting to know them to meet their needs effectively. This approach develops trust among students, teachers and parents.

Through a shared vision, the commitment of a talented staff and the support of a caring community, what is best for students is the driving force behind all WMS decisions. Our goal is to provide expectations and experiences during children’s middle school years so they grow toward the ideal Walkersville graduate.

Mission Statement: The mission of Walkersville Middle School is to provide each student with a rigorous education based on individual needs, strengths and culture within a safe, enjoyable and supportive environment. The WMS community unites in the spirit of collaboration and promotes academic risk-taking and personal accountability in developing skills to become self-sufficient individuals who will contribute responsibly and effectively in the global society.