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Sixth Grade Movie permission slip

The sixth grade will be watching "The Grinch" starring Jim Carrey in order to make a curricular connection with "A Chrstmas Carol." Because the movie rated PG a permission slip is required for students to watch. If you need a permission slip then you can download by clicking here.


Sixth Grade Field Trip

The 6th grade is planning a trip to see the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. Information for the field trip will be going home on Wednesday, November 7. Please have permission slips returned by November 30. The cost for the trip is $20, which includes the ticket for the performance and travel to Gettysburg. We will need chaperones, so please communicate your interest on the permission slip, but do not send chaperone money until we contact you to verify that you will be joining us for the field trip.

Click here for the field trip permission slip

You can pay for the field trip online, using credit/debit cards.

Click here to pay for the field trip

Students will be required to wear a blue Walkersville shirt. A full list of student expectations will be made available soon. Stay tuned.