Professional Development School (PDS)


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WKMS - A Professional Development School Since 1991
in Collaboration with Hood College

WKMS is committed to providing the best educational experience possible for all students. Having the best teachers in our classroom is paramount. In addition to providing WKMS veteran teachers with relevant and ongoing professional development our school works in collaboration with Hood College to provide ongoing professional development in areas such a technology, action research and working with diverse learners. This partnership also provides eager future teachers the opportunity to interact with our dynamic staff, caring administrators and energetic students. If your student comes home and tells you about an extra teacher in their classroom chances are, it's one our Hood College interns! This professional learning community's is truly excited about the upcoming school year.

What are the benefits of a Professional Development School partnership?

  • The emphasis of PDS is to continually develop a community of life-long learners where current teachers, future teachers, university/college faculties, and students learn together.
  • The focus of PDS is to improve academic student achievement. Mentor teachers and future teachers focus on teaching excellence.
  • Mentor teachers and future teachers use the collaborative teaching model.
  • The teacher-to-student ratio is cut in half when a future teacher interns in a classroom.
  • There are more opportunities for differentiated instruction when a future teacher interns in a classroom.
  • Students benefit from having an additional resource (future teacher intern) in the classroom.
  • Many of our teacher interns are hired by our school system.