8th Grade Visual Arts

8th Grade Visual Arts




Mrs. Stewart

Email: Cameron.Stewart@Fcps.org

Phone: 240-236-4993

Website: www.prismglowart.weebly.com


Course Overview


This elective, full year visual art course challenges students to focus on independent art themes. Students will concentrate on design terms and apply them to art skills in new projects and critiques.  The skills, techniques, and styles of art will be extended to complement the style and originality of individual students. Each project will allow students to integrate visual arts skills with academic themes .  Originality, effective communications, problem solving, critical thinking, social cooperation, self-discipline,  and community/environmental issues will be involved in the lessons.   If a student is electing art for the second or third year, he/she will be encouraged to produce higher level and more in-depth art projects according to his/her abilities.



Classroom Expectations:


#1 – BE CONSIDERATE and RESPECTFUL of the classroom, supplies, peers & artwork!

#2 – BE PREPARED (be on time and bring supplies to class every day).

#3 – BE ON TASK the entire class period

#4 – Be CREATIVE, have a positive attitude, and have fun! J


Classroom expectations have been reviewed with all classes. If a student has difficulty following these rules, or exhibits inappropriate behavior, the following steps will be taken to help the student improve: (These steps are consistent school-wide.)


  1. Verbal warnings (no more than three)

  2. Reflections

  3. Parent Phone Call & After School detention

  4. Referral

Required Materials


Sketchbook (Spiral binding)

Pencils & Erasers

Black, fine-point permanent marker

Set of fine-point colored markers

Set of colored pencils

Handheld pencil sharpener *SUGGESTED


*Supplies can be purchased at Wal-Mart, A.C. Moore, Michaels, Staples, Office Depot, The Dollar Store, etc.



Project Grades – 60% (Students will be informed of objectives and assessed by rubrics).

Self Evaluations/Assessments, Critiques, Classwork & Participation – 30% (

Sketchbook Assignments/Homework – 10%


Homework/Late Work/Make-Up Work Policy

Artist’s sketchbook (homework) assignments will be due every other week. If a student is absent, the assignment is expected to be turned in the next class. (-2) points for each day the assignment is late.

Artists work at different speeds. Late work will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Students are expected to make up any work missed during class during designated ELT time or on their own. 



BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


Windsor Knolls Middle School is continuing the Bring Your Own Device Pilot (BYOD). This policy allows students to use registered devices in an educational setting at the discretion of the teacher. Please keep in mind that BYOD is a privilege, and like all privileges, may be taken away if abused. Abuse may include, but is not limited to, accessing personal data networks, accessing internet resources not approved by the teacher, and using an unregistered device.


BYOD students are required to;



        Only use BYOD device when directed by teacher

        Access teacher directed resources only