Staff Directory

Department Name Phone Email Teacher's Blog Job Title
Administrator Cynthia Zimmerman 240-236-7200 Asst. Principal
Administrator Greg Keller 240-236-7200 Assistant Principal
Administrator Karen Hess 2402367207 Program Coordinator
Art Amy Graunke 240-236-7326 Teacher
Art Kristine Goad 2402367323 Teacher
Art Louise VanGilder-Martin 240-236-7200 Teacher
Art Susan Maseth 240-236-7317 Teacher
Career and Tech Audrey Ellis 2402367325 Teacher
Career and Tech Brett Maceikis 240-236-7320 Teacher
Career and Tech David Heefner 240-236-7335 Teacher
Career and Tech Greg Stull 240-236-7259 Teacher
Career and Tech Kim Fogle 240-236-7318 Teacher
Career and Tech Michael Mummert 240-236-7255 Teacher, Athletic Director
Career and Tech Norman Hayter 240-236-7261 Teacher
Career and Tech Regina Stelma 240-236-7315 Teacher
Career and Tech Tracy O'Keefe 240-236-7260 Instructional Assistant
Counseling Brittany Kuhn 240-236-7352 Pyramid School Counselor
Counseling Deanna Meyer 240-236-7208 Registrar
Counseling Jeb Fleagle 240-236-7234 Psychologist
Counseling Lauren Bishard 240-236-7210 Counselor
Counseling Ryan Defibaugh 240-236-7211 Counselor
Counseling Shannon Marble 240-236-7214 Counselor
Counseling Susan Nash 240-236-7342 Behavior Support Specialist
English Bryan Stillman 240-236-7302 Teacher
English Caitlin Lowe 2402367200 Teacher
English Cynthia Kuske 240-236-7200 Teacher
English John Van Bloem 240-236-7308 Teacher
English Kimberly Parry 240-236-7200 Teacher
English Laura Oswald 240-236-7301 Literary Specialist
English Liz Burnett 2402367307 Teacher
English Mason Redmond 240-236-7200 Teacher
English Rebekah May 240-236-7304 Teacher
English Stacey "Ellie" Polonkey-Johnson 240-236-7306 Teacher
Mathematics Abby Romberger 240-236-7286 Teacher
Mathematics Christopher Boothe 240-236-7284 Teacher
Mathematics Colin Williams 2402367289 Teacher
Mathematics Darrin Drum 240-236-7280 Teacher
Mathematics Dorsey Gilbert 240-236-7282 Teacher
Mathematics Jonathan Newman 240-236-7286 Mr. Newman's Website Teacher
Mathematics Katie Berrigan 2402367285 Teacher
Mathematics Kimberly Gilbert 240-236-7218 Teacher
Mathematics Lisa Mott 240-236-7298 HSA Coordinator
Mathematics Mark Cronk 240-236-7288 Teacher
Mathematics Pamela Flickinger 2402367200 Teacher
Mathematics Timothy Beall 240-236-7285 Teacher
Music Alexander Loy 240-236-7333 Teacher
PE Erinne Newman 240-236-7251 Teacher
PE Joseph Polce 240-236-7226 Teacher
PE Lauren Wildasin 240-236-7200 Teacher
PE Lee Palmer 240-236-7225 Mr. Palmer's Blog Teacher
PE Tyler Thompson 2402367366 Teacher
Science Cami Bittner 240-236-7274 Instructional Assistant, Science
Science Elizabeth Klafter 240-236-7276 Teacher
Science Erica Carbone 240-236-7270 Teacher
Science Kate Boller 240-236-7268 Teacher
Science Kathleen Shields 240-236-7275 Teacher
Science Lori Stiles 240-236-7277 Teacher
Science SNHS 2402367271 Teacher
Science Stacy Bureau 240-236-7275 Teacher
Science Steven Hensley 240-236-7273 Teacher
Science Susan Faibisch 240-236-7278 Teacher
Social Studies Andreanne Vallee 240-236-7200 Teacher
Social Studies David Beane 240-236-7200 Teacher
Social Studies Jamie Skena 240-236-7313 Teacher
Social Studies Jason Lepeonka 240-236-7309 Teacher
Social Studies Lauren Day 240-236-7311 Teacher
Social Studies Lynn Clark 240-236-7314 Teacher
Social Studies Paul Daly 240-236-7316 Teacher
Social Studies Paul Hoffman 240-236-7310 Teacher
Special Education Amanda Hoover 240-236-7200 Teacher
Special Education Andre Jackson 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Christina Bowens 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Denise Green 240-236-7200 Teacher
Special Education Instructional Assistants 240-236-7200 Instructional Assistants
Special Education Jaime Manahan 2402367329 Teacher
Special Education Jennifer Cassels 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Jo Anne Sedgwick 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Josette Dent 240236735 Teacher
Special Education Lara Cichocki 240-236-7235 Teacher
Special Education Maria Caminiti 240-236-7231 Special Education Teacher
Special Education Michelle R Baughman 240-236-7359 Teacher
Special Education Michelle Tibbs 240-236-7200 Teacher
Special Education Paul McLellan 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Tamara Bane 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Tiffany Cuddahee 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education Vanessa Halchak 240-236-7200 Teacher
Special Education Wanda Thaggard 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Special Education William Scheetz 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant
Specialist Calvin Lewis 2402367200 Lead Custodian
Specialist Dawn Wood 2402367200 Custodian
Specialist Gary Bostian 2402367200 Custodian
Specialist Maryann Sumner 2402367229 Nurse
Support Staff Bernard Ambush 240-236-7265 Asst. Lead Custodian
Support Staff Carole DeSimone 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant, Special Ed
Support Staff Chris Walters 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant, Special Ed
Support Staff Dante Brown 2402367200 School Therapist
Support Staff David Sweeney 240-236-7265 Custodian
Support Staff Diane Schnepfe 2402367279 Virtual School
Support Staff Jamie Augustine 2402367201 Secretary
Support Staff Jamie Augustine 240-236-7200 Secretary
Support Staff Kaleigh Norris 240-236-7337 Health Room Technician
Support Staff Kari Shipe 240-236-7213 Attendance Secretary
Support Staff Larry Beard 240-236-7265 Custodian
Support Staff Mary Edwards 240-236-7303 Instructional Asst., Special Ed.
Support Staff Matthew Smith 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant, Special Ed
Support Staff Michael "Doc" Clay 240-236-7299 Tech Coordinator
Support Staff Mike Bushnell 240-236-7265 Custodian
Support Staff Mitch Brannen 2402367217 Purchasing
Support Staff Patrick Little 240-236-7267 Lead Maintenance
Support Staff Peggy Mathews 2402367203 Secretary, School Admin
Support Staff Philip Bittner 240-236-7265 Custodian
Support Staff Robert Hutzell 240-236-7265 Custodian
Support Staff Tara High 2402367230 School Therapist
Support Staff Teresa Hardy 240-236-7303 Instructional Assistant, Special Ed
Support Staff Tiffany Cuddahee 240-236-7200 Instructional Assistant, Special Ed
Support Staff Tonya Albaugh 240-236-7265 Custodian
World Language Daniel Frank 240-236-7364 Teacher
World Language Elisabeth Marsh 240-236-7365 Teacher
World Language Jennifer Burke 2402367364 Teacher
World Language Loyda Lugo-Goff 240-236-7362 Lugogoff's Blog Teacher
World Language Tiffany Martin 2402367363 Teacher