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Student Yearbook Photo Uploads
Students will have the chance to upload school photos from now until May 7th at 1:00pm.
This deadline has been extended to May 22nd!
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Will there be a yearbook this year? Yes! We are doing our best to take advantage of moments when things (like practices) happen at school. We are also visiting virtual classes to interview students. We hope to have more opportunities to see students in the building this spring.
When will the yearbook be distributed? Due to the need to postpone a lot, there is no chance of the yearbook being distributed within the school year. They are likely to be made available this summer but we can not plan specific dates at this point. 
How big will the yearbook be? Obviously we won't be able to make the yearbook at the same level this year but we are planning on about 170 pages, however, the layout design is significantly more sparce than year's past.
When is the deadline to order a yearbook?

May 1st. Go to to order. 

This deadline has been extended to May 22nd!

What about 9th, 10th, and 11th graders that missed photos?

At this point, the only option is to upload a photo. More details on that will be coming ASAP. We are waiting for approval from central office on a program to assist with this. 

Where can I find the list of standards for sent in photos? This is a work in progress. Some samples still need to be uploaded but these are all the Requirements
What if the photo I send doesn’t meet the standards outlined? We are reviewing options on how to best handle incoming photos. More details are to come. Again, this feature will not be available until mid March at the very earliest. 
When & Where do we order photos? To order photos click here!
Can we see the cover?