Attendance Policies

Welcome To The Attendance Office

Parent/Dr. Notes can be faxed or emailed.


Fax: 240-236-7250

Please include Student’s full name, grade and reason for absence.

At Walkersville High School we have certain policies that all students must follow if they are absent from a synchronous class.

Attendance Procedures

1.  Attendance is a collaborative effort between the teacher, attendance secretary, and Student Services Team (SST).

2.  Attendance is now a measure of engagement, not whether a student shows up or not.

3.  Attendance is measured in full day units for the official record, but it recorded internally on a period by period basis.

Role of Teacher

1.  The job of the teacher is to mark a student Present or Absent during synchronous instruction.

2.  Student is present if they attended any portion of synchronous learning.

3.  Attendance must be marked for each class in TAC, including FLEX and Wednesday check-ins.

4.  This attendance is used for internal recordkeeping, not the official attendance record.

5.  During the first week of school, teachers are expected to contact families when a student does not attend synchronous learning on a given day.

 Any questions or concerns please email or call. or 240-236-7213.

FCPS Attendance Regulations