Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phones and Other Portable Electronic Device
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Cell Phones & Other Portable Electronic Devices
Students will have the ability to access their cell phones before school from 7:00 to 7:25 am and during their lunch shift.  This excludes phone calls, but other forms of communication such as texts are permitted.  Please encourage students to use those times to check-in with parents or guardians if necessary. 
Phones are to be powered off and out-of-sight during instructional time unless directed by the teacher for an instructional purpose.  Use of cell phones and other electronic devices for instructional purposes is the professional judgment of the classroom teacher.   Please keep in mind “Safe Use” policies and guidelines in the student handbook when allowing the use of personal devices.
Inappropriate Cell Phone Use:  As we transition to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), we will feel the bumps of changing tolerance and open use in our building.  However, teachers will always retain the right to govern cell phone use in their individual classroom.  It is recommended that we use caution as we travel into new waters.  Please be mindful of other teachers and their policies.  We are a team and our individual decisions may ultimately affect student behavior in other classrooms. Please uphold accountability in your classroom and in the hallway when cell phone use is not permitted. 
Recommended Cell Phone Progressive Discipline:
First Offense:
Second Offense:
Second Warning/Parent Contact
Third Offense:
Additional Offenses:
Referral to the Administration for Continued Willful Disobedience (Saturday School)
Unstructured Times: (Ex. Class Changes) Cell phone use is not permitted.  Please use professional judgmentStudents who do not respectfully comply with teacher request need to be referred to the administration. 

We will be sharing all Cell Phone expectations and acceptable use with students the first week of school.