Pre Kindergarten

  • Jantia Barnhart – Full Day Pre-K
  • Jennifer Garrigan- Full Day Pre-K
  • Abby Wilson-Spec.Ed. Pre-K Teache
  • Sandy Asmonga - Full Day Pre-K
Pre-K is where children begin to develop a relationship with learning and, through play, develop early knowledge about the world. Children focus on skills needed for reading, expanding their vocabularies, learning about numbers and solving math problems, and hands-on learning in social studies and science. They also continue developing their social and emotional skills. (


Fitting the Pieces Together Pre-K Fitting the Pieces Together Pre-K Spanish
Early Childhood Education information

Pre-K Schedule
Circle Time: Counting, letter and numeral practice, letter sounds, calendar and name identification
Playground: Focusing on social skills and emotional development, gross motor development and play skills
Work Time: All students are working to meet the FCPS developed Pre-K Common Core Curriculum. 
Centers: Focusing on social skills and emotional development, turn taking, applying skills taught in the classroom.
Snack: Teaching healthy eating, manners, turn taking and social skills.
Each class will have a library time as well as a chance to participate in specials, (art, music OR PE)

Grading: Each teacher is responsible for assessing students based on the FCPS Pre-K assessments. Progress will be shared with parents through progress reports, report cards and/or conferences. Mrs. Brunner, Mrs. Barnhart and Ms. Konstantas will be sending home the Pre-K report card.