Class Library Schedule

Hello Families!

*Your child will be visiting the library once a week for a lesson and book exchange. Students in PreK-2nd grade will exchange books each week. Students in grades 3-5 will exchange books once every two weeks.

*All students in grades 1-5 have the opportunity to exchange their books from 8:30-8:55 each morning using a library class from their teacher.

*PreK & K students check out one book at a time while students in grades 1-5 check out two books at a time. Students may check out an additional 1-2 books for a project or classwork. 


Weekly Class Library Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   
Konstantas PreK Hohorst 4th Lease/Beaulieu 1st Murphy 3rd Smith K
Barnhart PreK Delawter 4th Kint 1st Lang 5th Wilcox K
Brunner PreK Krzysiak 4th Miller 1st Sikora 5th Lawrence K
Little 2nd Byrd 4th Stansbury 1st Bouselli 2nd Pillsbury K
Schildt 2nd Broomall 3rd Kavanugh 3rd Doyle 5th Rentschler K
Young 2nd     Canfield 5th  
Wilson 2nd        
Mills 3rd        


Thank you in advance for helping your child find a safe place for keeping their library books either at home, at school or both. Students will learn other important book care rules which are shown below. Since all of us are thrilled to borrow and read these extraordinary books, we need everyone's help in keeping them in great shape so that every student can enjoy them. If your child's library book becomes damaged or lost, please send a quick email to the librarian, Tina Dattoli at or call at 240-236-3114 for a replacement cost. Thank you and happy reading! Ms. Dattoli :)

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