Library Media

                  This isn’t the library you remember as a child!

Then                Librarian

Now                 Library Media Specialist

Then                Technology was audiocassettes and filmstrip projectors

Now                 Technology includes Internet resources,  software programs, video streaming and more!

Then                Students visited on a fixed schedule for a story (if you were lucky!) & book exchange

Now                 Students visit on a fixed schedule for book exchange & visit on a flexible schedule to complete meaningful projects

Then                Students completed worksheets on how to use the print encyclopedia

Now                 Students learn how to use a print and online encyclopedia while researching

Then                Students used a card catalog to find books (remember the drawers of index cards!)

Now                 Students use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) which is a computerized index of what is in the library - you can even access it from home!

Then                Students check out books on a fixed book exchange schedule

Now                 Students check out books with their class or individually throughout the day, any day of the week! 

Then                Librarian checked out books and read to students

Now                 Library Media Specialist collaborates with teachers to create fun lessons that integrate media skills into classroom curriculum, prepares students to be effective users of information, selects materials that meet students’ needs, promotes lifelong reading for information and for recreation, instructs students to effectively and ethically use technology and much more!!

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