• If your child is absent, we will be making daily phone calls to ensure that your child is supposed to be missing school.
  • You have the option to call our attendance line at 240-236-3104. You can leave your child’s name, their teacher and reason for absence. Ms. Dimonte, will not call your home if you have called the attendance line.
  • Absence notes need to be turned in within 2 days of your child’s absence.
  • Please include the following on the note: 
    • First and and last name of your child
    • Dates of absence
    • Teacher name
    • Reason for absence
    • Most important your signature.
  • Any students without absence notes will have their absence coded as unlawful.
  • 5 unlawful absences in a term will result in failing the term.
  • All students with 10 or more absences will need doctor’s note for absences beyond the 10th day.

Thank you for helping us!