Special Education Team


The Special Education Team at Whittier Elementary School works hard to accommodate and differentiate so all students can learn. All students receive grade level curriculum with modifications. We use interventions to help students reach grade level standards. We believe that every student should be in the least restrictive environment and with their general education peers as much as possible.  Our goal is to help each student meet his or her highest potential.

Whittier's population of special education students includes students with speech/language disabilities, learning disabilities, autism, multiple disabilities, intellectually disabled, emotional disabled, as well as other federal coding for disabilities. These students are given the opportunity to be successful in their home school through intervention and collaboration with general educators.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

andrea.smith@fcps.org                                       services grades 3-5
melissa.proctor@fcps.org                                    services grades 3-5
madaline.birmingham@fcps.org                            services grades k-2
jennifer.waugaman@fcps.org                               services grades k-2

kristine.abrecht@fcps.org                 special education 3 year old pre-k
christina.konstantas@fcps.org                          special education pre-k
michele.lauret@fcps.org                                     speech and language
joseph.schlag@fcps.org                                      speech and language
kelly.macduff@fcps.org                                      speech and language
mia.cherry@fcps.org                     special education program assistant