Homework Journals (composition books) are coming home the first week of October.  There are 10 tasks that reinforce reading, writing, math, and social studies/science skills we will work on in October. There are also 2 project options you may choose to participate in. Kindergarten homework is optional, but encouraged! You may choose to complete some, all, or none of the homework. I will collect homework journals at the end of the month, check them, and insert new homework tasks. Please let your child do most of the work! They will need help reading the tasks and getting started, but the tasks and writing in the journal should be completed by your child. If your child can only write “d” for “dog,” that is okay! Just write “dog” under the “d” in pen, so we know what it says :)  We want your child to work at the level they are at. 

We are starting Reading Groups the first week of October.  Book Baggies and Reading Logs will be coming home starting this week. The books in your child’s book baggie are leveled for their specific needs and will be books that we have read in reading group. Students can read at home and fill out the reading log to receive a hero buck prize.  Reading logs are collected at the end of the month. Most of the entries on the reading log should be little books from reading group that your child reads to you. However, you may throw in a favorite read aloud or books you have at home sometimes too. This homework is optional, however we often see a lot of growth in students who read at home!  Please send the book baggies to and from school DAILY; we use them every day in reading group.  Thanks!