Ida Ojanguren


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Teacher - .8

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Hello Whittier Heroes!

My name is Mrs. Ojanguren, but it's easier to call me Mrs. "O". Over the last few weeks, I have really enjoyed getting to know my artists and making connections with them as we have worked hard on creating our first big projects. I am very excited to be here and to spend time creating with your child(ren) in our art studio this year. For the last 15 years I have taught art at Deer Crossing Elementary School in New Market and this year I chose to join the art department at Whittier.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Longwood University in Virginia and the equivalent of a Master's degree in Art Education here in Maryland. Before I started my teaching career, I spent some years making custom jewellry at a local jewellry store, teaching gymnastics at Frederick Gymnastics Club, coaching springboard diving in our area high schools and working as a special education assistant for FCPS. I still help manage a youth summer league diving program each summer at the Edward P. Thomas Memorial pool in Baker Park and serve as a judge for diving in our high schools. I am proud to be able to teach for the same school system that I grew up in.

Please make sure to check this page and our Art Department page for more information about the exciting creative opportunities your child(ren) can look forward to this school year. I will also post a link so you can follow our art studio on Twitter.

Until then, please consider donating your clean plastic quart and pint sized containers from yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and cream cheese. I am also looking for plastic CountryTime Lemonade and Kool-Ade drink mix containers with their lids. We can repurpose these items instead of recycling them and put them to good use in our studio!

Thanks for your support of the arts at Whittier Elementary!