Helpful Strategies

The purpose of this page is to share strategies with parents so that they may reinforce guidance lessons with their children at home.

                                                      Coping with Teasing

Students spend a considerable amount of time in Guidance asking for help in coping with teasing and annoying behaviors that they experience from other students.These situations have not reached a serious level, but the student wants the behavior to stop. Due to the frequency of these behaviors, lessons are in place starting in Grade 2 called "Coping With Teasing".

The steps students are given are as follows:
1. Ignore the teaser. Just keep doing whatever you are doing. Pretend the teaser is not there. Don't even look at the teaser
          If the teasing continues......

2. Walk away. Create space and distance away from the teaser by walking away.
          If the teasing continues...

3. Say in a strong voice, "Please stop it!" Look right into the teaser's eyes. Be strong. Don't yell but speak firmly, seriously.
           If the teasing continues...

4.Give a warning. "If you don't stop, I'm asking for help."
           If the teasing continues....

5. Politely ask the closest adult, "Can you please help me?"

6. Tell the adult all the steps you tried and say, "I still need your help!"

When a child comes to a parent about teasing, the parent can ask, "Well what step are you on?"
This helps children problem solve and takes the adult out of every issue that comes up.

Children also have a great time role playing these steps with one child playing the teaser with verbal teasing and the other child playing the one who acts out the steps. We also make lunch bag puppets with a figure drawn on the front and the steps written on the back.

As a word of caution, the students are told that if they are physically hurt by the teasing or become upset they are to go to an adult immediately.