The Wolfsville Way


The staff of Wolfsville Elementary School believes that every child is a unique and special individual who can learn.  We are committed to providing opportunities, which will assist the students in making responsible choices.  The effort each student applies is critical to his or her success.  To increase the degree of educational success it is very important that all adults in the child's life communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of the child.

We all want the best for our children.  You, as a parent, play a key role in the education of your child.  Please be generous with words of encouragement, give hugs at the end of a rough day, show an interest in your child's work, and support the school's staff.

Meeting the needs of all children is a tremendous task – it really does take a village! Volunteers provide supplementary assistance to students and staff, and our volunteers are important to us! The current state of affairs regarding the safety and health of our students and staff due to COVID-19 has our volunteer program on hold for now. We will be sure to reach out for volunteers when our students return to our school building.   

We do encourage all families to join the PTA now and volunteer time and energy to this awesome group! The PTA is currently working on several projects, even during distance learning!

Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our learning community! WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING TOGETHER.