Absences that may be excused...
Schools may excuse students for a variety of reasons. Absences which may be excused include:
FCPS Reg. No. 400-7 COMAR 13A.08.03
·        Death in the immediate family
·        Illness of child—principal shall require medical note if continually absent
·        Doctor’s note
·        Court Summons
·        Religious Observance
·        Suspension
Absences are either excused or unexcused. A written note stating the reason for the absence or tardiness is required within two days of returning to school, or the absence will be automatically marked unexcused. When school absences occur, students are required to make up any missing work. 
If you know that your child will need to leave school early, please send a note to the homeroom teacher upon the student’s arrival that day. Parents must sign-out their children through the secretary in the front office when leaving and sign them back in when returning to school.
A note for being late is also necessary—please be sure to send a note when your child is arriving late to school and please be sure to sign your child in at the office.

 Click HERE to access WFES attendance note.