About WFES

Wolfsville Elementary School


Wolfsville Elementary students experience the pride of achievement through the power of learning. Through a large number of parent volunteers, an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and quality teaching by a staff committed to success, we all share the responsibility and pride in our students' achievements.

The Wolfsville Elementary staff is a dedicated unit, working to provide maximum opportunities that will allow all students to develop their potential. We promote positive self-esteem and good citizenship through Character Counts! education. Many students are involved in activities at the school through community sponsored athletic events that allow them to interact with peers and adults from surrounding communities.

Geographically, the Wolfsville area has changed little since its settlement in the 1700s and establishment as a community in the 1800s. Located in the Middletown Valley, it contains a cluster of residences, churches and small stores. The valley is rich in history and Native American Indian lore, and has ties to the Revolutionary and Civil wars. The original Wolfsville Elementary was a one-room schoolhouse called Poplar School, for grades 1-7. There was also Wolfsville School No. 2, built in 1915 to replace previous wood-and-clapboard structures destroyed by fires. The current school opened in 1959 and was renovated, expanded and re-dedicated in 2001.

Proud of our history and heritage, we strive for student improvement in character and citizenship as well as in academic performance. Through a spirit of cooperation, respect and open communication, we will continue to develop independent learners who successfully meet academic and social challenges in preparation for real-life experiences.