Home School Journal

Your child's Home-School Journal is a three-way letter writing experience shared between the teacher, child and parent. It will come home on Fridays.

The first letter is written to you from me and highlights what your child has learned during the week. I will also include important reminders and dates. This letter will also be posted on this website.

The second letter is from your child. In it he/she draws and writes about something he/she learned during the week.

The third letter is one that you write to your child in response to his/her letter. Take time to read what you have written to your child before sending the journal back to school. All Home-School Journals should be returned by Monday.

I will keep all the weekly letters and at the end of the year they will be bound into a kindergarten memory book for each child to keep. This will be a wonderful keepsake to remember your child's experiences in kindergarten.