Walkersville Elementary Art Department
WELCOME to the MOST FUN, CREATIVE, and EXCITING room at WES…the Art Room!
     Art classes at Walkersville Elementary School are creatively taught using a Discipline Based Art Education method, with the four components
being Critical, Historical/Cultural, Production, and Aesthetics. Children learn about the Art Elements (line, color, value, shape, form, space
and texture
) and Art Principles, (pattern, variety, unity, contrast, rhythm, proportion, balance, and emphasis). They learn how artists use these
elements and principles, as well as their senses and personal experiences, to create works of art. Fine Arts by renowned master artists are studied,
as well as many different art styles, historical art periods and art of other cultures.  Students in third and fourth grade complete two end of
semester assessments, while fifth graders complete CRES assessments and a personal portfolio in order to demonstrate mastery of the county
curriculum. Students in every grade level receive frequent informal evaluation in the forms of daily participation, formative assessments, project
completion and self-critique grading rubrics, all to assist in monitoring individual and class progress. Finally, and very importantly, don't ever hesitate
to contact us for any reason regarding your child's progress, or if you need to share or update important school related information.
     Children create artworks through drawing, painting, sculpting, printmaking, etc. We encourage you to display these artworks at home.
When your child brings home artwork, ask a variety of questions such as:
*What do you like best about this artwork?
*What kinds of shapes did you use?
*Why did you choose them?
*Which colors are your favorites?   Why?
*How did you make this artwork?
*What would you like to do differently if you could do a project like this one again? 

The WES School Supply List indicated that all students are requested to bring in two No.2 pencils and one pack of assorted markers to their art class.
These supplies will be used in the art room, and not returned. Any other additional art supply donations are welcome! Additional project specific
materials may be requested at a later time if needed (ex. toilet paper/paper towel cardboard rolls, zip-loc baggies, etc.)

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