Cool music websites for kids!

Here are some links to some great websites about music.  Many of these websites have games for you to play.  Have fun!
Many thanks to Mrs. Woods from Centerville Elementary and Ms. Fishel from Whittier Elementary for sharing these with us!

Music knowledge:
 Many fun games that teach you!  You can print a certificate when you master a game.
I liked the Rhythm Master game, the Name the Note game, and the Compose Your Own Music game!  Also, under “More About Music”, you can learn about instruments, composers, and hear a lot of great music!   San Francisco Symphony Orchestra                                       Sea of Knowledge – Information about composers, instruments, and orchestra music 
Music Streams – listen to all kinds of orchestra music by categories or instruments
Musical Skies – play games while music is playing      
***Instrument Garden – see pictures and hear instruments.  You can even play them!   
**Symphony Hall – Conduct the orchestra!  Make sure you take the conducting lessons first.
Music Mountain – Compose your own music – it shows you how!

Identifying and knowing Instruments:   
    Good sound and pictures! Identify the instruments.
  Instrument Safari -- Can you complete it????     PBS Kids Jazz 
     I like the “id the instrument" game.  -- London Symphony Orchestra 
Listen to the orchestra play and see the instruments and performers close up!

Music Composers:  -- Listening to music from different composers       Dallas Symphony Orchestra  (tough games)

Just for fun:   Animusic – previews, etc.   from the New York Philharmonic Orchestra   
Guess the word, and sink the boat to win!       Exploring musical sounds, with instruments and objects.
Also, you can create a stepping routine. (Stepping involves clapping and stomping in many rhythms.)

K-8 videos & songs that teach music concepts:

 Treble clef:

Letter names of pitches on the treble clef:
       FACE (spaces)  --
      EGBDF (lines) --

Forte/Piano --

Presto/Largo --

 High/Low --

Crescendo/Decrescendo --