Orientation Notes

Below are several important points we discussed at the Instrumental Music Orientation Session.
Student Name: _________________________   Instrument: ________________ 2011-2012
  1. Students should ALWAYS bring their instrument and supplies to school on their lesson day.
  2. NEVER leave your instrument at home on your lesson day, even on half-days, snow delays, early dismissals, etc.
  3. If you are not sure if there will be a lesson, bring your instrument anyway. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!
  4. Each student will receive a copy of the instrumental music schedule so you will always know the time of your next lesson or rehearsal. (You will get three schedules during the year.) Please check for important dates, like evening concerts.
  5. “What if the lesson is scheduled for 9:00am and we have a 2 hour delay due to snow, should I still bring it?” YES!           Mr. Cheston and Dr. Zimmerman will revise the schedule to make sure everyone gets their lesson that day.
  6. “What if I have a doctor or dentist appointment at the same time as your lesson?” We might have you come with another group. Come see us as soon as you can so we can find another time. Or better yet, tell us the week before.
  7. Try not to schedule appointments on your lesson day because we only get to see you once per week.  
  8. Never be sick on your lesson day.  It is okay to be sick on other days.
  9. If you forget your instrument, still come to your lesson. You can still learn new things and get the assignment.
  10. If you don’t have your instrument, you MUST bring paper and pencil to take notes during the lesson.
  11. If you forget your instrument more than once or twice during the year, there will be consequences.
  12. Be organized and ask your friends or family to help you remember if you can’t.
  13. An instrumental music progress report will be sent home at the end of the first three terms. It will include your attendance to lessons and what you are doing well and what you need to work on.
  14. You will not receive a grade on your report card for instrumental music.
  15. You are expected to practice. To keep track of your efforts, you will fill out a practice chart.
  16.  If you are unable to get all of your minutes and finish your assignment by the next lesson, make up for it the next week. Bring a note from a parent if you were truly too busy or unable to practice at all.
  17. Set a practice routine that works for you and your family.  Maybe right after school is best, or after dinner. You decide when, but schedule it and stick to it! Your homework is not done until you have practiced!
  18. You should NOT need your parents to remind you to practice. But if they do, say “THANKS! I almost forgot!” or “Oh yeah…thanks for keeping me on track!” or “You’re the best parent ever!”
  19. Never complain about practicing. Your parents got you the instrument. Pay them back by using it regularly!
  20. Your name MUST be labeled on your instrument’s case, music stand, and music book before bringing it to school.
  21. Don’t even say the “Q” word! It is contagious and is not a solution.
  22. You will usually miss up to 45 minutes of classroom time per week on a rotating schedule. It is your responsibility to make up any and all work missed in a timely manner.
  23. Be prepared for lessons and concerts. You will be more confident and less nervous.
  24. You will perform in two evening concerts, one in December and the other in early May.
  25. Use your folding music stand at home when you practice. You should bring it to school only when we combine groups for rehearsals and concerts. You will see those times listed on your schedule.
  26. Bring the following to every lesson:  Instrument,  Music Book/Folder,  highlighter and pencil!
  27. Put your instrument and other supplies near the front door or next to your book bag on the night before your lesson.
  28. NEVER leave your instrument in school overnight. It’s not safe and you have to practice anyway.
  29. Unless it is a concert day, you WILL NOT be able to call home to ask someone to bring your instrument!
  30. You are the only one who should handle your instrument. Friends on the bus or at the bus stop could damage it.
I have read and understand all of the above information.  If there are any questions, please send us an email. Parents: If your child has any type of learning disability or physical problem that we need to be aware of, please write on the back.    
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Your Instrumental Music Teachers
Mr. Cheston  (Daniel.Cheston @ fcps.org)   and    Dr. Zimmerman(Gerald.Zimmerman @ fcps.org)