2nd YEAR Required Materials

____1. INSTRUMENT (with your name on the instrument case—very important!)
____2. MUSIC BOOK: Check that the book is correct before putting your name on it!
·        VIOLIN, VIOLA or CELLO:     Artistry in Strings (Book 1)
·        ALL OTHER INSTRUMENTS:    Measures of Success (Book 1)
_____3. FOLDING MUSIC STAND---Make sure your name is on each piece of your  
.                 stand before you bring it to school (or another student could take it by mistake!)
_____4. HIGHLIGHTER (Any color)
_____5. ACCESSORIES:It is not necessary to buy a cleaning kit, but do get the following:
  • Violin/Viola: a. rosin; b. a fine tuner for each string; c. cloth to clean; d. shoulder rest or pad.  
  • Cello:  a. rosin; b. one fine tuner for each string; c. cloth; d. rock stop or rubber-tip endpin.
  • Flute:  a. handkerchief or cotton cloth for cleaning (about 4”  to  6” square); b. cleaning rod.
  • Clarinet / Saxophone:     
     a. #2.5 strength reeds (this is different than 1st year)  b. cork grease      c. cleaning swab.            
  • Trumpet: a. 7C mouthpiece; b. valve oil; c. optional: lip balm for cold weather          
  • Trombone / Baritone: a. 12C mouthpiece; b. slide cream or oil; c. optional: lip balm
  • Percussion: a. sticks--Vic Firth SD1 or size 5B sticks are preferred; b. rubber practice pad;         
               c. If your drum case does not have wheels we suggest getting a luggage carrier for it.