Staff Directory

Department Name Phone Email Teacher's Blog Job Title
1st Grade Amy Stone 240-236-2992 Teacher
1st Grade Gabriela French 240-236-3000 Teacher Teacher
1st Grade Jessica Sparacino 240-236-3002 Teacher
1st Grade Monica Grisez 240-236-2994 Teacher
2nd Grade Denise Prosnick 240-236-2997 Teacher
2nd Grade Erin Mccullough 240-236-3000 Teacher
2nd Grade, Specialist Holly Miller 240-236-3010 2nd Grade Teacher and Targeted Intervention Targeted Intervention
2nd Grade Sadie Wiles 240-236-2995 Teacher
3rd Grade Amy Temporado 240-236-3009 Teacher
3rd Grade Heather DeGrange 240-236-3005 Teacher
3rd Grade Jaime Chevalier 240-236-3007 Teacher
4th Grade Courtney Souders 240-236-3018 Teacher
4th Grade Julia Baldwin 240-236-2993 Teacher
4th Grade Lottie Spevak 240-236-3000 Teacher Teacher
4th Grade Mary Cooley 240-236-3019 Teacher
5th Grade Annette Stover 240-236-3014 Teacher
5th Grade Ashley Philemon 240-236-3017 Teacher
5th Grade Christine Pullen 240-236-3002 Teacher
5th Grade Melissa Proctor 240-236-3004 Teacher
Administrator Danielle Jacobs 240-236-3000 Assistant Principal Assistant Principal
Administrator Jennifer Hyde 240-236-3000 Principal Principal
Art Katie Jacobs 240-236-3032 Teacher, Art
Art Lori Rossio 240-236-2990 Teacher
Art Victoria Barron 240-236-3032 Teacher
Counseling Ginger Hart 240-236-2983 School Counselor
Kindergarten Cindy Newmeyer 240-236-3010 Teacher
Kindergarten Jennifer Ward 240-236-3011 Teacher
Kindergarten Jolissa Gue 240-236-3022 Teacher
Media Center Brittany Nuse 240-236-2996 Media Specialist
Music Andy Jones 240-236-3000 Band Teacher
Music Daniel Cheston 240-236-3000 Band Teacher
Music Jean Johnson 240-236-2989 Teacher
Music Sarah Knox 240-236-3000 Teacher - Music Music Teacher
PE Jaclyn Finley 240-236-3020 Teacher
PE Shane Boyd 240-236-3000 Teacher
PreK Jennifer Mitchell 240-236-2991 Teacher
Special Education Angie Worrell 240-236-2987 Teacher
Special Education Holly Brashears 240-236-2999 Teacher
Special Education Lauren O'Neill 240-236-2987 Teacher
Special Education Mina Greenfield 240-236-3016 Speech Language Pathologist
Specialist Andrea Moss 240-236-3021 Math Specialist
2nd Grade, Specialist Holly Miller 240-236-3010 2nd Grade Teacher and Targeted Intervention Targeted Intervention
Specialist Moira Schafle 240-236-2984 Literacy Specialist Literacy Specialist
Specialist Pamela Chastain 240-236-3008 ELL Teacher
Specialist Susan Miller 240-236-3031 User Support Specialist
Support Staff Aimee Keeney-Fisher 240-236-3000 Instructional Assistant
Support Staff Allison McHenry 240-236-3000 SEIA
Support Staff Caroline Hendy 240-236-2976 Administrative Secretary
Support Staff Cindy Kerns 240-236-3041 Instructional Assistant
Support Staff Gina Lidie 240-236-2977 Cafeteria
Support Staff Jody Berry 240-236-3000 Special Education Instructional Assistant
Support Staff Jody Gust 240-236-2978 10 Month Secretary
Support Staff Leslie Walsh 240-236-3000 SEIA
Support Staff Michael Wolford 240-236-3000 Lead Custodian
Support Staff Michelle McAtee 240-236-2986 Health Technician
Support Staff Paul Greene 240-236-3000 Cusstodian
Support Staff Steve Yingling 240-236-3000 Custodian
Support Staff Suzanne EnEarl 240-236-2987 SEIA - Program Assistant
Support Staff Victor Gomez 240-236-3000 Custodian