Your child will be given 24 spelling words to study at home that centers around a particular spelling pattern. The hope is that students will recognize and use letter and word patterns to help them spell words correctly rather than put emphasis on memorizing isolated words for the test.
With this approach in mind, each week a new spelling pattern will be introduced to your child in class. Students will learn the “rules” associated with each new pattern and will take part in spelling activities throughout the week to gain more exposure to the pattern and practice making and sorting words that follow the pattern. When students take their final test, they will be expected to not only spell the words correctly, but also to “sort” the words in the appropriate pattern column.
Your child will have a spelling test each Friday that contains 24 words.
I expect students to complete three spelling assignments during the week for homework. Two are chosen from the spelling menu, and the third (on Thursday night) will be the assessment eve.
You may use the link below to access the spelling menu if needed.

Spelling Menu