Grading Policy

5th Grade Grading Policy

A student’s work is evaluated for accuracy, completeness, and quality in relationship to the criteria of any assignment or project. Grades are sent home in a biweekly wrap-up, which you and your child should examine and discuss. These wrap ups are vital to the communication between school and home.
Students will receive grades based on the following scale:
A 90-100% Excellent
B 80-89% Above Satisfactory
C 70-79% Satisfactory; Meets Expectation
D 60-69% Below Satisfactory
F 59-below Unsatisfactory
***Also Science and Social Studies units are composed of accumulated points that will reflect the same scale***


Grades are comprised of the following: tests, quizzes, daily work, homework, participation, preparation, and teacher observation.
Interims may be issued at any time that the student’s work begins to reflect our concern that the child’s performance may result in a poor grade and may be the result of poor performance or incomplete assignments in a subject area.
If you have any questions, please contact me via email, a note, or phone message. Thank you for your continued support.