Our Daily Schedule

Language Arts:

We focus on language arts primarily before lunch. Below are some components of the language arts block of time.

  • Guided reading groups
  • The Daily Five
  • Shared reading/writing
  • Vocabulary development
  • Word study- phonics
  • Comprehension activities -retelling, personal responses, sequencing events, identifying main idea,etc.


In addition to exploring the calendar, and graphing the weather each morning, we have a math block scheduled each afternoon. Below are some ways the Math curriculum is delivered.

  • Math fact practice
  • Math partner games
  • Small group math instruction
  • Problem solving opportunities 

Social Studies and Science

Social Studies and Science are often integrated with writing. We try to express our ideas, observations, conclusions, etc. through writing. Throughout the school year we will be switching back and forth from one to the other incorporating curricular topics as they relate to ongoing events, seasons, etc. Some ways the units are presented are included below.

  • investigations and observations including strategies such as questioning and collaborating with other students or groups of students
  • role playing/ act it out problem solving
  • cooperative groups
  • hands on experiences, scientific experiments, connecting to texts and utilizing various audio- visual media and technology