About Valley Elementary School

Valley Elementary School


Staff, students and parents of VALLEY ELEMENTARY are proud of our longstanding tradition of academic excellence balanced with personal skill development for each child. Our mission is “VES -- On a Voyage of Excellence and Success.”

Valley’s focus on continuous improvement in a nurturing learning environment is supported by a talented and hardworking staff. We’ve initiated many innovative programs that emphasize reading and writing. Our full-day kindergarten is structured to provide differentiated, small-group instruction in Language Arts. All first graders receive enrichment through our “Writing Lab.” Students in grades 1-5 receive small-group reading instruction and interventions when needed for extra support. Our outstanding programs in art, music and physical education integrate reading, writing and math skills, as well as classroom content areas in science and social studies.

Valley’s parents are active partners through home support and volunteering. Families of students in kindergarten and first grade can participate in Partners-in-Print classes. These evening sessions give parents information and strategies that assist them in helping students become more confident and skilled readers and writers. Families of older students can participate in Book Cafes which are student- and parent-led book discussion evenings facilitated by our reading specialist and classroom teachers.

Daily at Valley, we strive to uphold our vision: by providing opportunities for academic excellence, we, the Valley learning community, through collaborative efforts, will inspire students to become motivated lifelong learners. As a school community, we support a friendly and safe school where nurturing relationships and acceptance of diversity are valued.

Along with challenging academics, we have fun–enjoying traditions such as an annual Fall Festival parade, valentine parties, cultural arts programs, field day, family fun night, picnics, music programs, talent show, chess club, stock market games and more. We also have an extended-school daycare program operated by the YMCA.

Valley maintains the values and qualities of our traditionally rural community while enjoying the enrichment of an increasingly diverse community. Please call or visit, and browse our website throughout the year for information about programs and activities.