Staff Contact Info


Urbana Middle School Staff


Anzmann, Alexis Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9339
Babb, Megan World Language, Teacher 240-566-9334
Baldwin,Melanie Physical Education & Health, Teacher 240566-9232
Barnes, Colleen Visual & Performing Arts and Career & Technology Education,  Teacher 240-566-9246
Bartlett, Rae Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher 240-566-9247
Bauer, Keith Physical Education & Health, Teacher 240-566-9233
Bellafiore,Maria Support Staff, Attendance Secretary 240-566-9202
Bender, Suzanne Health Room, Registered Nurse 240-566-9217
Blakeslee, Megan Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9332
Bosco, Andrew Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9333
Brdecka, Tricia Administration, Teacher 240-566-9200
Byrne, Mary Support, Staff, Instructional Assistant 240-566-9257
Clark, Victoria Career & Technology Education, Teacher 240-566-9304
Cook, Michelle Counseling, Registrar 240566-9346
Corona, Stephanie Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9282
Costello, Gail World Language and Career & Technology Education, Teacher 240-566-9335
Devine, Lucas Physical Education & Health, Teacher 240-566-9234
Disler, Jacqui Support Staff, Administrative Secretary 240-566-9205
Domboski, Kathleen Media Services, Media Specialist 240-566-9256
Durbin, Kristen Dept of Technology, User Support Specialist 240-566-9223
Emery-Johnson, Marcia Support Staff, Instructional Assistant 240-566-9257
Erb, David Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9337
Estok, Eileen Career & Technology Education, Teacher 240-566-9310
Everett, Robert Administration, Assistant Principal  240-566-9200
Farrell, Jillian Counseling, 7th gr. Counselor 240-566-9351
Ferris, Jen Career & Technology Education, Teacher 240-566-9311
Gaines, Evan Science, Teacher 240-566-9302
Georg, Ruth Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9333
Good, Marianna Special Education, Teacher 240-566-9291
Grapes, Crystie Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9280
Green, Daniel Career & Technology Education, Teacher 240-566-9242
Griffin, Angeline Science, Teacher 240-566-9289
Hale, Hannah Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9284
Hathaway, Jodi Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9336
Hawkins, Ashley Mathematics, Specialist 240-566-9323
Hill, Emily Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher 240-566-9244
Hogan, Wendy Physical Education & Health, Teacher 240-566-9230
Isacco, Martha Special Education,Teacher 240-566-9320
Isleib, Matthew Science, Teacher 240-566-9301
Johnson, Jeremy Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9285
Kane, Grant Special Education, Teacher 240-566-9341
Kaveney, Emma Advanced Academics,Specilalist 240-566-9294
Keiling, David Physical Education & Health, Teacher 240-566-9234
KIbler, Andrew Administration, Principal 240-566-9200
Kozimor, Gina Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9282
Kubala, Jessenia Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9316
Longenberger, Lauren Language Arts, Literacy Specialist 240-566-9295
Machcinski, Melanie Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9283
Mitchell, Tom Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher 240-566-9243
Mitnick, Tammy Special Education, Program Assistant 240-566-9290
Nixon, Samantha Counseling, 8th gr. Counselor 240-566-9352
Oland, Ashley Science, Teacher 240-566-9274
Poti, Brittany Science, Teacher 240-566-9270
Reeves, Michael Special Education,Teacher 240-566-9289
Riley, Rex Career & Technology Education, Teacher 240-566-9240
Romanoski, Jessica Counseling, 7th gr. Counselor 240-566-9354
Roney. Lois Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9313
Saah, Ramsey Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9240
Sayre, Jennifer Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9317
Seibert, Lauren Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9334
Simmons, Marissa Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9275
Snyder, Lucas Social Studies, Teacher 240-566-9321
Snyder, Tim  Visual & Performing Arts and Physical & Health Education, Teacher 240-566-9279
Teague, Michaele Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9276
Thomas, Deja Special Education, Teacher 240-566-9342
Uhl, Kim Science, Teacher 240-566-9271
Vincent, Catherine Visual & Performing Arts, Teacher 240-566-9277
Watson, Bonnie Language Arts, Teacher 240566-9314
Watts, Darrin Counseling, School Support Specialist 240-566-9222
Weisman, Matthew Science, Teacher 240-566-9330
Wilson, Danielley Special Education, Speech and Langauge Pathologist 240-566-3309
Womack, Cassandre Mathematics, Teacher 240-566-9281
Wurzberger, Heidi Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9276
Yanes, Yvonne World Language, Teacher 240566-9305
Zeller, Emily Language Arts, Teacher 240-566-9315