Media Center Mission & Vision

Motto:  "Empowering You For Success" 

  Mission Statement

Creating lifelong learners who are effective and creative users of information, technology, and ideas in our global society and who possess an intrinsic love of reading.

 Vision Statement

To produce information-literate lifelong learners prepared for the future and ignited with a passion for reading.

Library Goals


FCPS Library Media Programs support the goals and standards of the Common Core and the American Association of School Librarians National School Library Standards

Here at UMS specifically, our library program strives to make the library resources more accessible to the students, staff and community.  We have a genrified fiction section that helps students find books easier and in a way that is more natural to them based on the way they currently shop.  We are also continuing to add to our digital collection of books and reference materials that students can access from home and are not limited by the hours of the school day to find library materials.  We also continue to update and stay current with our collection of physical books provided inside the library walls.

To be Career Ready our students must engage with technology for productivity, not just for fun.  Since we have become 1:1 with Chromebooks  we encourage teachers and students to harness the power of technology as one of the many tools used in the classroom.  This is an ongoing process of teaching our students and staff how to utilize the Google Apps for Education accounts in a ways that are redefining the educational experience, encourage digital citizenship, use social media as a positive force, and explore other means of educational technology to improve instruction and student engagement.  

The research process also continues to be a focus of library instruction to encourage students to ethically use resources, understand biases when reading information, and to use valid sources when researching.  In today’s world our students are exposed to so many news outlets that they must learn to validate these sources and the information they read for accuracy and bias.  As part of Common Core, the library works closely with teachers to encourage best practices and increase the quality of research for our students.