Health & Physical Education

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Fitness Testing

The Frederick County Fitness Test Battery is part of the Physical Education Curriculum for students in grades 3 through 9. Keep in mind these tests are not a means of assessing athletic ability.  They should be viewed as an indicator of fitness levels at the time they are given. Just as in other curricular areas, we will teach, allow time for practice, assess, and adjust the program. Fitness testing helps to accurately track the areas of your child’s strengths and the areas in which he or she could improve. During the school year students will be administered physical fitness tests two times per school year.   The fitness test battery consists of the mile run, rower or pacer, curl-ups, sit and reach, push-ups or chin-ups. You may access your child's fitness scores at the following site:


Fitness Test = Fitness Component Measured

Mile Run/Pacer/Rower = Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

Curl-ups = Muscular Endurance

Sit and Reach Stretch = Flexibility

Push-ups/Chin-ups = Muscular Strength