About UMS

Urbana Middle School

Our Vision:  We will educate all students at a rigorous level in all disciplines so that they are prepared to achieve success in a world that is constantly being transformed by new technologies and the removal of global barriers. Our reputation for excellence will be well known, and other schools will strive to emulate us. We will develop in students an international perspective and integrate technology in all areas of a student's education. All relationships are built upon trust, understanding, and respect for others, and staff will collaborate to achieve our goal of being the best. New people will constantly want to join the UMS staff, and current members will not want to leave. All will find UMS a positive and stimulating place in which to work and attend school. Students will respond by achieving at very high levels. The community, especially parents and students, will praise us for our work, we will receive accolades for being the best middle school in Maryland, but we will be motivated first and foremost by our dedication to helping students learn and grow.