Enrolling at UMS


How to enroll your child at Urbana Middle School.

Here you will find all the paperwork you need to enroll your child at Urbana Middle School. All new students to UMS need the following forms completed before we are able to enroll your child:



You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. Need Adobe? Download the latest version here

It would also be helpful if you can provide us with a copy of your child’s last report card and the scores from the most recent standardized test. These documents will help us in deciding which classes will best meet your child’s educational needs

How to transfer or withdraw your child from Urbana Middle School.

Please contact UMS's Registrar  found on the UMS Counseling Page a week prior to your student's last day at UMS. Please remember to return all school materials including: technology, textbooks, library books and other items.