Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival to School

Students may begin arriving at school at 7:30 a.m. and should enter by the cafeteria entrance. Car riders should also enter through the cafeteria entrance. Students will report to the cafeteria to wait for dismissal to lockers and homeroom.

Please note that once students arrive on school property, they must enter the building and report to their assigned area. This policy is to help ensure the safety of all students. Parents driving students to school are requested to drop students off at the designated car drop off area. Students should not be dropped off at school before 7:30 a.m. since adult supervision is not available until that time.

Late Arrivals to School

Students are expected to arrive to school on time each day. Students not in homeroom by the 8:00 bell are considered late to school/class.  


Attendance & Administration will monitor late arrivals to school. When a student has accumulated 30 minutes of lateness, a letter of concern may be issued to parents. At 60 minutes of lateness, the students will be assigned additional consequences, including staying after school to make up time. The office staff will issue LD for every 3 unexcused, late arrivals to school. Progressive, disciplinary steps will be used to deter unexcused late arrivals. 


 If your child is home sick, please call or email the front office first thing the morning of the absence.  Also,send a note when your child returns to school stating the reason for the absence. If your child arrives late to school, a note is also required.

For early dismissals, please send a note with your child. Students should turn these notes into 1st period teacher. Parents should meet their child in the main office and sign them out. Students will not be permitted to wait outside.

Click here to email our front office attendance secretary at
Click here  for a copy of "A Note to School." 
here for an explanation of the types of absences.


All visitors are expected to sign in through the main office and receive a visitor badge. Teachers are unavailable for conferences during the instructional school day.

Inclement Weather

How FCPS Decides to Cancel or Delay School in Emergency Situations
Snow Emergency Flyer


Homework Policy

Late homework will be accepted on the following day for 75% credit. After two days, missing homework assignments will be accepted for 50% credit. This policy is only for assignments that fall in the “homework” category, which makes up 10% of a student’s overall grade for the course.

Clothing Expectations

Urbana Middle School expects our students to be appropriately dressed at all times.  The expectation is that students will not wear revealing clothing or clothing items that are offensive, derogatory, and/or disruptive to the learning environment. 


  1. Undergarments should not be visible when sitting or standing.

  2. Tube tops, halter tops, and backless clothing are not allowed; girls should be conscious of tops that reveal cleavage.

  3. Spaghetti straps, midriff tops and see through clothing are not allowed.

  4. Muscle shirts must have another shirt under them.

  5. Appropriate length shorts and skirts (use your fingertips as a guideline)

  6. Pajamas and loungewear are only permitted on spirit days.

  7. Clothing with messages or logos with sexual innuendo, violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and/or other inappropriate subjects are not permitted.

  8. Clothing that is offensive to any person’s gender, culture, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or occupation is not permitted.

  9. Hats, visors, and bandannas should be removed when in the building.

  10. Sagging pants (below the waist) which reveal undergarments are not permitted.

  11. Heelies (shoes with rollerskate wheels) are not permitted.

If students arrive to school inappropriately dressed, a staff member will address the concern privately with the student.  Students may be asked to change into proper clothing and parents may be contacted.

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