Student Parking

 UHS Student Parking

Each student must follow these steps to obtain a permit.

1. Read the Parking Rules and Regulations of the reverse side of this paper.

2. Complete all information on the Parking Application and Contract form (found on UHS website or main office).

3. Student and parent initial and sign the reverse side of the Parking Application and Contract form.

4. Bring the following items to complete the process:

a. Completed Parking Application and Contract form Driver’s License
b. Original or copy of a vehicle registration to verify tag number
c. Online credit card payment receipt ( to register for online payments–preferred payment method) or $25.00 cash or check made out to Urbana High School

Students without all of the above items will not be processed.

Parking Permits will be processed at the following times in the UHS main office Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 2:15 PM.

All cars parked on the UHS campus after September 30, 2018 must display a parking permit.

UHS Parking Terms and Conditions

UHS Student Parking 2019-20 Instructions