Hawk Staff

Staff Directory

Department Name Phone Email Teacher's Blog Job Title
Administrator Amanda McGrath 240-236-7674 amanda.mcgrath@fcps.org Assistant Principal
Administrator Ashley Fisher 240-236-7611 ashley.fisher@fcps.org Assistant Principal
Administrator Becky Hackett 240-236-7612 rebecca.hackett@fcps.org Assistant Principal
Administrator David Kehne 240-236-7605 david.kehne@fcps.org Principal
Administrator Jessica McBroom 240-236-7748 jessica.mcbroom@fcps.org IB Coordinator
Administrator Marcus Allen 240-236-7610 marcus.allen@fcps.org Assistant Principal
Administrator Mark Wolcott 240-236-7682 mark.wolcott@fcps.org Assistant Principal
Administrator Ryan Hines 240-236-7711 ryan.hines@fcps.org Athletic Director
Art: Visual and Performing Alicia Cosby 240-236-7717 alicia.cosby@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Amelia Willett 240-236-7715 amelia.willett@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing, Mathematics Chelsea Humphries 240-236-7713 chelsea.humphries@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing, World Languages Hector Ayerdiz 240-236-7733 hector.ayerdiz@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Jeffrey Bohlander 240-236-7616 jeffrey.bohlander@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Julie Snyder 240-236-7714 julie.snyder@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Michael Harrison 240-236-7721 michael.harrison@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Stephen Ward 240-236-7712 stephen.ward@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing Tracey Ellis-Guss 240-236-7716 tracey.guss@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Charles Kline 240-236-7600 charles.kline@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Deirdra Dewaal 240-236-7693 deirdra.dewaal@fcps.org Work Based Learning Coordinator
Career and Tech Education Greg Loomis 240-236-7731 gregory.loomis@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Melanie Elias 240-236-7670 melanie.elias@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Meri Borland 240-236-7703 meri.borland@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Michael Netzer 240-236-7774 michael.netzer@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Steven Howard 240-236-7640 steven.howard@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Tonjia Mayne 240-236-7677 tonjia.mayne@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Victor Frush 240-236-7641 victor.frush@fcps.org Teacher
Career and Tech Education Vitto Cresta 240-236-7621 vitto.cresta@fcps.org Teacher
Counseling Erica Stull 240-236-7624 erica.stull@fcps.org Guidance Counselor
Counseling Erin Stohlman 240-236-7613 erin.stohlman@fcps.org Behavior Intervention Specialist
Counseling Jessica Pinion 240-236-7628 jessica.pinion@fcps.org Guidance Counselor
Counseling Jon Walton 240-236-7627 jonathan.walton@fcps.org Guidance Counselor
Counseling Katharine Warehime 240-236-7729 katharine.warehime@fcps.org Guidance Counselor
Counseling Kelly Schwartz 240-236-7626 kelly.schwartz@fcps.org Guidance Counselor
Counseling Mardy Holt 240-236-7625 mardy.holt@fcps.org Guidance Counselor
English Carrie Ness 240-236-7702 carrie.ness@fcps.org Teacher
English Dave Britton 240-236-7694 david.britton@fcps.org Teacher
English David Lewis 240-236-7690 david.lewis@fcps.org Teacher
English Donna Ross 240-236-7692 donna.ross@fcps.org Teacher
English Joan Thielker 240-236-7707 joan.thielker@fcps.org IA
English John Hayes 240-236-7701 john.hayes@fcps.org Teacher
English Kristen Rowe 240-236-7697 kristen.rowe@fcps.org Teacher
English Kristin Johnson 240-236-7699 kristin.johnson@fcps.org Teacher
English Laura Connelly 240-236-7658 laura.connelly@fcps.org Literacy Specialist
English Robin Shortall 240-236-7698 robin.shortall@fcps.org Teacher
English Sarah Yinger 240-236-7689 sarah.yinger@fcps.org Teacher
English Sarah Yoder 240-236-7702 sarah.yoder@fcps.org Teacher
English Susan Olsen 240-236-7696 susan.olsen@fcps.org Teacher
English Teresa Svincek 240-236-7661 teresa.svincek@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Alexa Raines 240-236-7762 alexa.raines@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Alison Horst 240-236-7657 alison.horst@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Ann Lewis 240-236-7654 ann.lewis@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Annette Case 240-236-7760 annette.case@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Barb Tarrant-Coleman 240-236-7651 barbara.tarrant@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Catherine Stanley 240-236-7761 catherine.stanley@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing, Mathematics Chelsea Humphries 240-236-7713 chelsea.humphries@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Chuck Grover 240-236-7764 chuck.grover@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Cindy Miller 240-236-7686 Cynthia.miller@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Colleen Ganley 240-236-7763 colleen.ganley@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Derise Anderson 240-236-7757 derise.danch@fcps.org Career & College Readiness
Mathematics Drew Demich 240-236-7600 drew.demich@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Laura Bohan 240-236-7765 laura.bohan@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Mary Martin 240-236-7650 mary.martin@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Melissa Myers 240-236-7684 melissa.myers@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Pamela McCarthy 240-236-7789 pamelas.mccarthy@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Peter Arbaugh 240-236-7656 peter.arbaugh@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Stephan Auderset 240-236-7653 stephan.auderset@fcps.org Teacher
Mathematics Terre Planz 240-236-7766 terre.planz@fcps.org Teacher
Media Center Colleen Mason 240-236-7644 colleen.mason@fcps.org IA
Media Center Jessica Kachur 240-236-7644 jessica.kachur@fcps.org Media Specialist
PE Andrea Stuart 240-236-7683 andrea.stuart@fcps.org Teacher
PE Brad Wilson 240-236-7706 bradley.wilson@fcps.org Teacher
PE Gavin Donahue 240-236-7708 gavin.donohue@fcps.org Teacher
PE Sally Watsic 240-236-7634 sally.watsic@fcps.org Teacher
PE Shawn Baker 240-236-7708 shawn.baker@fcps.org Teacher
Science Beth McCook 240-236-7635 elizabeth.mccook@fcps.org Teacher
Science Chris Shullenbarger 240-236-7688 chris.shullenbarger@fcps.org Teacher
Science Craig Coleman 240-236-7652 craig.coleman@fcps.org Teacher
Science Donna Hashemzadeh 240-236-7771 donna.hashemzad@fcps.org Teacher
Science George Shearer 240-236-7679 george.shearer@fcps.org Teacher
Science Greg Hess 240-236-7675 gregory.hess@fcps.org Teacher
Science Helen Burks 240-236-7773 helen.burks@fcps.org SEIA
Science Melissa Chang 240-236-7772 melissa.chang@fcps.org Teacher
Science Michael Piavis 240-236-7676 michael.piavis@fcps.org Teacher
Science Ray Skowronski 240-236-7649 raymond.skowronski@fcps.org Teacher
Science Rebecca Shultz 240-236-7648 rebecca.schultz@fcps.org Teacher
Science Suzanne Dashiell 240-236-7659 suzanne.elder@fcps.org Teacher
Science Suzanne Folk 240-236-7678 suzanne.folk@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Alison Bolyard 240-236-7666 alison.bolyard@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Andy Brown 240-236-7668 andy.brown@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Charles Hontz 240-236-7769 charles.hontz@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Jacqueline Mangogna 240-236-7767 jacqueline.mangogna@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Joanna Nicklas 240-236-7665 joanna.Nicklas@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Joseph Blaser 240-236-7767 joseph.blaser@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Justin Absher 240-236-7667 justin.absher@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Keith Fedor 240-236-7770 keith.fedor@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Matthew Ferrante 240-236-7663 matthew.ferrante@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Nathan Kachur 240-236-7673 nathan.kachur@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Norm Crosby 240-236-7669 norman.crosby@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Patricia Smallwood 240-236-7768 patricia.smallwood@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Stephen Tuel 240-236-7732 stephen.tuel@fcps.org Teacher
Social Studies Susan Levin 240-236-7664 susan.levin@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Ann Reeves 240-236-7631 ann.reeves@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Carolee Dill 240-236-7631 carolee.dill@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Catherine Thomas 240-236-7744 catherine.thomas@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Cristina O'Brien 240-236-7744 cristina.obrien@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Diane Hawkins 240-236-7637 diane.hawkins@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Genevieve Moore 240-236-7631 genevieve.moore@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Heather O'Brien 240-236-7758 heather.obrien@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Heidi Jensen 240-236-7631 heidi.jensen@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Hilary Stenger 240-236-7744 hilary.stenger@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Ida Davis 240-236-7632 ida.davis@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Jim Smith 240-236-7744 james.smith@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Michelle Hill 240-236-7633 michelle.hill@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Rachel Teti 240-236-7745 rachel.teti@fcps.org Teacher
Special Education Tiffeny Keller 240-236-7726 tiffeny.keller@fcps.org SEIA
Special Education Toni Schleimer 240-236-7631 antoinette.schleimer@fcps.org SEIA
Support Staff Ashley Sittner 240-236-7618 ashley.sittner@fcps.org Attendance
Support Staff Cynthia Dorsey 240-236-7603 cynthia.dorsey@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff Diane Hancock 240-236-7630 diane.hancock@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff Jessica DeWeerdt 240-236-7736 jessica.deweerdt@fcps.org Attendance
Support Staff John Jefferson 240-236-7600 john.jefferson@fcps.org IA
Support Staff Karen Ritter 240-236-7727 karen.ritter@fcps.org IA
Support Staff Megan Kelly 240-236-7753 megan.kelly@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff Melinda Wood 240-236-7619 melinda.wood@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff Michelle Brammer 240-236-7727 michelle.brammer@fcps.org User Support Specialist
Support Staff Noelle Tepper 240-236-7607 noelle.tepper@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff Renee Ferrante 240-236-7606 renee.ferrante@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff RoseAnn Shapiro 240-236-7608 roseann.shapiro@fcps.org Secretary
Support Staff Suzanne Voss 240-236-7638 suzanne.voss@fcps.org Virtual In-School
Support Staff Usha Santharam 240-236-7747 usha.santharam@fcps.org IA - IB Program
World Languages Ann Beachley 240-236-7695 ann.beachley@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Chimene Kacko 240-236-7672 chimene.kacko@fcps.org Teacher
Art: Visual and Performing, World Languages Hector Ayerdiz 240-236-7733 hector.ayerdiz@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Jacqueline Mann 240-236-7691 jacqueline.mann@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Jessica Raborg 240-236-7685 jessica.raborg@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Lui Glez 240-236-7662 lui.glez@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Maria Fuenzalida 240-236-7732 maria.fuenzalida@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Mark Kavanaugh 240-236-7671 mark.kavanaugh@fcps.org Teacher
World Languages Nanette Weinmann 240-236-7733 nanette.weinmann@fcps.org Teacher