UHS Tailgating Policy & App


Starting September 22, 2017 - Ending November 14, 2017 Expired

Did you know that you had to get tailgating approval for games at UHS? Click to read more about the policies for tailgating and to download the application.

Urbana High School Pre-Game & Post-Game Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place in order to provide safe, orderly and controlled activities on the property of Urbana High School before, during and after athletic activities.

* Per FCPS policy the parking lots, stadiums, fields and gyms will be open to the public for school-sponsored events 90 minutes before an athletic contest is scheduled to begin. Spectators are expected to enter the event immediately upon arrival and exit the property immediately following the event. Once spectators leave the stadium and/or campus, they may not return.

Guidelines for public social gatherings (such as tailgates) at athletic events at Urbana High School:

* Public social gatherings both pre-game and post-game (such as tailgates) are prohibited on school property, unless pre-approved by an administrator. Interested organizations must complete the school application (available on the school’s website) to request special permission at least three (3) days in advance of the proposed gathering.

* In order for such an event to be approved it must:

--be sponsored by a school organization (e.g. PTSA, booster groups and school clubs)

--be located in the area specifically designated for the event,

--be supervised by adults at the ratio of 1 adult per 10 students,

--have an administrator or administrative designee present throughout the event.

* If the social gathering is sponsored by the visiting school, it must:

--first be pre-approved by the principal of the visiting school before brought to us for our approval,

--have an administrator from the visiting school present to supervise and be responsible for the participants and the activity throughout the entire event.

* No grills or open burning will be approved. Per FCPS policy only those vehicles, materials and equipment that have been pre-approved by the school’s principal (RVs, trailers, tents, campers, tables, lawn chairs, etc.) are permitted to be set up on the school property.